Meet The Team : Connie

Originally from Spain, Connie moved to the UK in 2012 (but not for the weather!).

Connie is qualified in Soft Tissue Massage and Muscle Energy techniques. As part of your session you will have the opportunity to briefly discuss your medical history and symptoms, and a treatment will then be tailored to you. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to keep fit we will ensure there is no reason for you to be away from the sport/activity you enjoy due to pain or injury.

Soft Tissue Massage is proven to relieve pain, lengthen and align muscle fibres. It can reduce prolonged tension and ease stiffness.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) uses your muscle’s own contractions to relax and lengthen the muscles fibres, to reduce your pain and improve mobility.


The variety of techniques Connie can offer are gentle, firm and effective, enabling a decrease in muscle fatigue and a speedy recovery after sport and exercise. Regular treatment promotes a reduction in inflammation and increase in nutrients supply to the muscles, encouraging flexibility and performance. It is beneficial for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Overall the aim is to improve your performance and well-being by assisting your body to move better.

Little known facts : Connie is currently an undergraduate at Staffordshire University studying to be an osteopath. She is a turtle geek, and spent a month in Cape Verdi to help the conservation of the loggerhead sea turtle. She’s also a closet salsa dancer and loves a good boogie!