How we’re dealing with COVID-19

We re-open for face-to-face consultations and treatment on 1st June. Following the latest government and professional guidelines, PPE codes, and with stringent hygiene measures in place. So if you, and your aches and pains require urgent attention* then please give us a call on 01785 816481. You will receive a brief phone consultation with one of our experienced osteopaths before you can attend the practice. We look forward to seeing you!

 *if you’re either; self-isolating; received a letter saying you’re vulnerable; or have covid symptoms – we-re afraid we’re unable to see you face-to-face, but we’re happy to advise over the phone.

What to expect before you visit

Stone Osteopaths is a friendly and welcoming practice providing a bespoke treatment to every patient. Please bring along any scans, test results, and a list of your current medications.

After you’ve booked your appointment, one of our experienced osteopaths will phone you to triage you prior to your appointment . Your osteopath may ask you a lot of questions, some of which may not seem relevant to you, but they are to make sure that you are safe and appropriate for your face-to-face osteopathic appointment and treatment. At your face-to-face appointment your osteopath may ask you some more questions, your osteopath will normally ask you to dress down to your underwear — you may wish to wear a vest and shorts if that is more comfortable for you.

Your Osteopath will usually perform a full postural exam, and any other tests or specific examinations that may be relevant to your current situation. Once we have diagnosed what’s wrong we will discuss our findings and are happy to answer any of your questions.

Our Infection control protocol

We promise to take every reasonable measure to protect you and our team

Your osteopath will be wearing a face mask, visor, gloves and apron – don’t be alarmed! Please bring your own mask if you have one, or masks can be provided for £1.50 each.

All contact areas (chairs, plinth, pillow, handrails etc) within the clinic will be cleaned after every patient, and rooms aired for half an hour in between patients. Windows will remain open during your treatment to circulate air, but fans will not be used due to the increased risk of infection caused by recirculated air. If you would like to bring a small towel or blanket for your warmth or comfort please do. We ask that you come alone unless you desire a chaperone to present during your treatment.