Good Gardening

Garden in both sun & rain
But take a break, avoid a strain
Don’t do the same job for too long
Stop, a bird-it sings a song
So pause and listen for a while
This gardening is the favoured style
This way you garden for your health
With less additions to our wealth
Should you still need us, see you soon
We hope to open up in June


Hello All Gardeners

In lockdown I have been converting my lawn into a vegetable patch. This has been very satisfying but heavy work. So, here is a wee bit of advice…

You start a job & want to finish it all in one go. You probably have an incling it might ‘do-you-in’ and you’ll regret it in the coming days… But, hey-ho, maybe you can somehow cheat your body and it might just not notice. This sometimes works but, too often, it is an unlikely outcome. Know yourself. Why are you doing this? ‘I can’t do half a job’, ‘Doing it all is more satisfying’, ‘leaving it half done & messy makes more work because it gets walked into the house’.

Any of the above, but is it worth the back, shoulder or knee pain that follows.

We are currently not here to support your recovery in terms of good old hands-on treatment.

Some of your symptoms may go in 2-3 days, but they may also hang about because they have aggravated an old injury, a chronic condition, or simply due to overloading muscles that are unaccustomed to the job . None of the above will promote future gardening tasks nor your general well-being. In fact, in spite of the satisfaction of ‘job done’, the negatives may out weigh the positives that gardening/being productive should provide. If we are luckily enough to have a garden, we should definitely be making use of this in the current situation for the benefit of both our physical & mental wellbeing.

So, try to do a variety of jobs and resist doing them in one long stretch. Two short stints in the garden will break up the tedium of the day better than one. And do you have to get the job done today? Really? Lets face it, most of us have a lot of spare time at the moment. With this wonderful luxury to hand, why use it to do yourself in? You won’t even be keeping us Osteopaths in business at present, and we will not (frustratingly) be able to give you treatment until June, maybe.

So, think about it, and take care of yourself. Listen to your body, it lets you know when it is getting tired and time for a cuppa. Listen to it, is it getting achy, twingey, clumsy? Then it is time to stop.

Don’t let it down, then it is less likely to let you down.

Finished doing myself out of business so bye for now & keep safe.