Massage Therapy

Whether you’re after relieving stress or a deep tissue massage, our qualified massage therapist offers treatments to suit you.

A massage is the movement of muscles and tissues using a variety of pressure levels to help relieve symptoms of pain and stress and improve range of movement.

Massage therapists must understand basic human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology in order to assess and treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, injuries and soreness.

What to expect from:

Sports Massage – 30 minutes (£30) or 1 hour (£42)

The goal is to return your body to normal health after injury or physical exertion. Using slow, consistent pressure the aim is to lengthen your muscle fibres and stimulate the circulation around the joints to prevent rigid tissue from developing. This massage usually focuses on a specific area, it is not solely for recovery but can also help prevent injury and even improve performance.

Stress Buster Massage – 1 hour (£42)

The aim of this massage is to relieve muscle tension and relax your body. The stresses of daily life can get to us all and affect your body in so many ways. Whether you need a pick me up or just to feel rejuvenated, a head to toe massage and good stretch will improve your energy and calm both your body and mind.

Lymphatic Massage – 30 minutes (£30)

A lymphatic massage consists of gentle harmonic movements accompanied by light pressure to encourage the lymphatic fluid around your body. This promotes the removal of toxins and boosts your natural immunity – great if you suffer from recurrent colds/infections. This massage can also help with swollen limbs and post-surgery recovery – in this instance (post-surgery) please check with reception on booking as you may need to check with your Doctor first to ensure it is suitable for you.