Our terms and conditions

Booking: At Stone Osteopaths our appointments are normally 60 minutes for a new patient, and 30 minutes for a follow up appointment. If you’re booking online please choose an appointment that starts on the hour or half past the hour as any appointments booked for quarter to or quarter past the hour will have to be rearranged.

Access: Our treatment rooms are accessible via stairs. However if you are unable to climb stairs at this time please inform us and we will arrange to treat you on our ground floor, this will usually involve you having the last appointment of the day so that we can maintain your confidentiality and privacy.

Parking: There is limited parking outside the practice however Stone has various council car parks you can use, the closest being Crown Street Carpark (ST15 8QN).

Payment: By agreeing to have a consultation with our osteopaths, you are agreeing to our payment terms and conditions, and therefore are agreeing to pay our consultation fees.

Admission: We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone who is verbally or physically abusive to any member of our staff. We also reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone who we feel is unsuitable for osteopathic treatment, or who is unable to give informed consent e.g a patient who is under the influence of alcohol, or under 16 years of age (without the presence of a legal guardian).