The Importance of Balanced Nutrition

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates, father of modern medicine.

Nutrition is at the cornerstone of everyone’s health and well-being. Our nutritional needs change throughout our life and have a huge impact on how we feel. The food we eat affects our energy levels, and our ability to heal and repair, grow, think, and sleep. All that can be exacerbated at times of high stress, as this affects your hormone levels.

At Stone Osteopaths Josh Gill is both a qualified Osteopath and Nutritionist. He will work with you to create a realistic and nutritious plan you can follow for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

At your consultation you can discuss your goals and explain to Josh what you want to achieve. You may be given some suggestions of dietary changes you can make right away, and an explanation on the important aspects of your nutrition. You will then be asked to complete a week-long dietary diary. Once Josh has assessed your diet, and identified any deficiencies you may have, he will create a personalised dietary programme just for you.
During your follow up appointment Josh will discuss your nutritional plan with you, and adjust it based on your feedback.

With the right fuel you can feel more energised, healthier and happier.

Initial Consultation – £50

Follow Up – £39

To book an appointment with Josh please contact Stone Osteopaths on 01785 816 481 or drop us an email via

 Joshua (Josh) Alexander Gill M.Ost N.D

Associate Osteopath and Nutritionist

General Osteopathic Council number 10133