You are NOT your MRI

It is incredibly common in our profession to have a patient visit us – with lower back pain and no other symptoms – and show us an MRI report worried and distressed about the findings

If you took a random selection of the population – with no symptoms at all – and put them through an MRI scan, a large number of them would have mild to moderate degeneration, disc bulges, and other scary sounding findings, yet be walking around pain free

Now this doesn’t discredit MRI imaging, which has a hugely important place in clinical medicine. However, what it does mean is that your clinician or therapist should treat YOU and manage YOUR symptom presentation.

Your MRI results oftentimes are not the end of the world, and it certainly does not mean you will always be in pain

A combination of hands on treatment, optimally loaded exercise, and educating patients on how to manage their own pain, is one of the best treatment options for musculoskeletal lower back pain.

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Joshua (Josh) Alexander Gill M.Ost N.D

Associate Osteopath and Nutritionist

General Osteopathic Council number 10133